Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Bouquet for Euridice: Drugstore Haul!

I love the name of the Barielle nail polish "A Bouquet for Ava" so I'm using it as the inspiration for my drugstore haul from this weekend. Doesn't it look like a nice bouquet arranged on the platter like that?

The Rimmels are from CVS from a few weeks ago. I have never purchased anything from Rimmel, but the display looked enticing, and I love dark colors. The rest of the nail polish is from Rite Aid. I don't normally shop at Rite Aid, but I was quite enchanted by all the nail polish they had on offer!

First off, I saw two special displays of Borghese. I couldn't help but snatch up the spring colors....even the bubblegum pink. I also picked up a couple of intriguing darker Borgheses. I don't normally buy Sally Hansen, but I was so captivated by the neon metallics!! So, I grabbed a blue and a green. By the time I was through, I also picked out some Maybelline polish. I basically ended up with a lot of similar colors....the blues especially were beckoning.

Here is a parting shot taken outdoors to go with the shot indoors of my bouquet of  lovely colors. More posts to come!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lacquer Link Love 4/3/2010

 The Dutch Nail Blog is hosting a Surprise Puppy Giveaway! Why Puppies? You can win a number of Catrice polishes from the new collection depending on how many puppies are born! Open to international followers.

Helen at Just Nice Things showcases an all-time classic nail varnish from OPI's Russian Collection.

How unique is NARS Purple Rain? The Swatchaholic calms the Purple Rain lemming with a comparison to a great dupe.

Sasha at Manicure Mommas does China Glaze Poolside Skittles.

Babbling Brooke took a walk through nature with SpaRitual. Check out her swatches of the newest collection: Believe.

Travels With Euridice shows us Barielle's A Bouquet for Ava, a beautiful blue!

Polishing the Nails has some new H&M polishes.
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