Thursday, November 26, 2009

China Glaze DV8 is Truly OMG!!

(Wednesday, November 25, 2009) I have a bit of a conundrum. I love the rich creme polishes that would be great for fall. When will I be able to wear them all, especially since I keep obsessing over glitters?! Fall is waning, and then it will be the holidays---time for glitters!! And then winter: time for dark colors rotated with more glitters to brighten things up. That's my plan.

I don't have long to wear the forest green, the olive, the brick red, the lilac gray, the medium gray, the putty, the...well, I think I've established what I mean. 

So, on Monday I resolved to wear a nice fall color in a glossy creme finish. Then, I spotted my new China Glaze OMG polishes. Wee! Fun! Oh, but wait, I told myself: must do a fall medium color. But the lol polishes, they are so pretty and I love the colorful holographic effects!

I caved and went with DV8, the darkest "LOL" polish of the six I ordered. It has a dark turquoise base color and looks like an oil slick on my nails! If an oil slick were an electric turquoise instead of icky brownish black! The iridescent metallic effect of the additional colors is just amazing! 

In certain lights, such as outdoors on a rainy day, the holographic effect doesn't show up as much, giving me the perfect opportunity to admire the rich, gorgeous blue base. I wore a teal blue sweater so the nails wouldn't stand out as much, and it was actually a perfect match. Lovely!!

On Tuesday, I noticed the tips of my nails started to wear away and look about to start chipping. I have to assume this is operator error and not necessarily the polish. I could have easily touched it up a bit to make it good as new, but I was busy driving all day and night to get to south Georgia.

So, today (Wednesday), the chipping at the top was getting worse, and I was itching to do some swatching. But....first I sprinkled my new Lippman "Happy Birthday" sparkle polish on for a bit of fun. Wow! Love!! 

My nails looked speckled in a very artistic way. Too bad I didn't bring my matte topcoat on my trip, that would have made the experience complete, lol! My camera picked up the holographic effect while it didn't show up as much in person as I was admiring the fabulous multicolor sparkle effect. 

China Glaze "DV8" = OMG! Plus Lippman "Happy Birthday" = OMFG! GR8!!! LOL!

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