Tuesday, November 24, 2009

China Glaze Holiday 2009!!

If you haven't gotten China Glaze's holiday collection yet, then what are you waiting for?? Well, maybe you've already exhausted your nail polish allowance on all the fabulous glitters China Glaze has released this fall!

China Glaze "Loves You Snow Much" collection features the famous "Ruby Pumps," a red glitter; a re-release of the popular "Emerald Sparkle," a gorgeous dark green glitter; "Tinsel," a lovely very fine silver glitter also from last year, and "Five Golden Rings," a new gold version similar to Tinsel. It's more China Glaze glitter fabulousness!! I already had Ruby Slippers, which has been available on regular CG display racks. I got the others from Sally Beauty and Victoria Nail Supply (I've ordered from VNS twice, and I can highly recommend them so far.)

All four polishes are glitter polishes. The gold and silver have very, very fine glitter for a very elegant look. The red and green are both polishes that apply smoothly and contain glitter of the same color. Gorgeous!

The 5 Golden Rings is the new entry this year.

To me, this picture (below) looks almost like applesauce---that's how fine the glitter is. It makes for a delicate and ethereal look, as opposed to some of the bigger, blingier glitters this season. The polish is festive and appropriate for a nice holiday party, but still brings a shiny gold sparkle.

"Tinsel" is a fine glitter version of the "5 Golden Rings." It is so pretty and has the same elegant look.

Emerald Sparkle had apparently been a limited edition, as I had heard it mentioned in nail blogs in almost hushed tones. I am very psyched for the re-release, as it is a gorgeous dark green glittery polish par excellence. I wasn't able to capture the sparkle very well, but I will definitely be doing a mani with this soon and will try again.

What can I say about Ruby Pumps? It's a classic, perfect red containing wonderful red glitteriness. It has been available this fall, and now in this holiday collection AND in the re-release of the Wizard of OohAhz from China Glaze. This polish captures Dorothy's ruby shoes perfectly, and I imagine this polish is the standard by which red/red glitter polishes are judged.

This is a catnip pillow (below) that my cats got the last time they boarded at the vets. It's a chocolate chip cookie!! How wild is that.

Ah! Not the best pictures in the world, but I think the cat toy pic does capture the beauty and perfection of this collection. I have indeed deemed this collection to be perfect: the four basic colors of Christmas perfectly done, all with lovely glitter that is just the right amount, and the application worked very well for me, the ultimate nail polish novice. With these four polishes, you simply don't need any other holiday polish.

Euridice Scores:

Originality: 5 (the colors are not original, obviously, but perfectly done)
True to its brand: 5
Application for newbies: 5 (that green gave me some issues!)
Beauty: 5

Overall Score: 5 (a "Euridice YAY!")

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