Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Got Rustic!

I got Rustic! No, I didn't go camping and stay in a rough-hewn cabin with no plumbing. I didn't re-do my living room with rusty pails and quilts and wooden furniture that has treebark on it. That's totally not my style!

But back on topic, I was in the CVS the other night picking up a prescription, and decided to scour the shelves on the off-chance I would find the Wet 'n' Wild Craze collection and see if they had the one color in the collection I was missing: "Rustic." I found it! About three rows over from the makeup aisle. Yay! They had a few polishes left, and I was thrilled to find "Rustic!"

I was looking at another nail blog after I had gotten this collection and realized that I was missing this color---and, ironically, I liked it even better than the rest of the colors! This metallic brown is very versatile, and I wore it this past week with my teal sweater. Love!

I never used to look at the top shelf at the drugstore where they have special displays and merchandise crammed in, but I am learning to now. That's where you'll find the special nail collections. Yay for drugstore cosmetics and for completing my Craze collection!


Elizabeth said...

Aww, I thought with the title maybe you were doing some DIY or went on a camping trip! I should have known it was not that (lol)!

Euridice said...

lol! That's funny. But hey, I am staying one night at a backpacker's hotel in Switzerland that has a shared bathroom!! That's rustic! Otherwise, yeah, I don't do rustic. :-)

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