Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet Teddy!

My cats don't usually pay too much attention to the television, but every now and then I might notice one of them intently watching. Teddy, my spotted brown and white tabby British Shorthair, loves to nap or look out over the room from on top of the bedroom TV. I happened to catch him trying to play with someone on the picture!! So cute!!

He is such a cutie! He is alternately silly and funny, then regal and dignified!! You just want to pick him up and give him a hug! Unfortunately, like many British Shorthairs, he hates to be picked up. He actually goes quite psycho and thrashes about wildly, paws and claws flailing perilously, when I try it. Sigh. Not fair!

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Euridice said...

I am currently on vacation, and I have to say that I miss Teddy a lot!! He was NOT happy to be captured and taken to the vets for boarding. (sorry, Teddy!) I had to chase him over three levels of my townhouse for about an hour!! slippery little bugger....

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