Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zoya "Zara" -- It Glows, It Glows!!

"He had yellow eyes, so help me...yellow eyes!" -- adult Ralphie, narrating ¨Christmas Story."

As I was looking at Zoya´s ¨Zara¨---both in the bottle and on my nails---I kept marveling, "it´s got a golden glow, so help me...a yellow glow!" and that reminded me of the line from my favorite Christmas movie above. Only this case is much more pleasant since we are talking about a lovely purple polish with this golden shimmer, not a mean yellow-eyed bully!

I was determined to pick up this golden shimmer in pictures, and it took me a little while. First I tried holding it under my desk at work, with a little success:

See? It's there. But how about this:

I did not photshop that, I swear! That's the lovely golden glow, and I couldn´t tell which of the three pictures I have are the best so I am just publishing all of them!

Here is how the Zoya website catalogs this beautiful nail polish:

Duochrome metallic violet with gilded sparkle highlights and a foil finish.

Zoya Nail Polish in Zara - ZP463 has the following properties:

Color Family:Purples
Intensity:5(1= Very Shear to 5= Very Opaque)
Original Collection:

They left the collection blank but I believe it was ¨Flourish" from winter 2008.

The purple color in the pictures of my nails are a bit washed out but close enough. The plentiful light in my office washes things out a bit.

Some of these pictures show the golden glow on my nails. I just sat there and marveled at it, it was so amazing. I am really loving the polishes I selected for my first order, which include Zara and also the equally or perhaps even more stunning ¨Ki."

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Elizabeth said...

Zara is a great shade- I have it too.

I hope the trip is going great! I saw your little sideboard twitter thing just now- I hope your mom is okay, E!

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