Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just a Glitter Before I Go - China Glaze Fortune Teller

Now I have the song "Just a Song Before I Go" in my head! I am leaving for a vacation in Europe but before I go, one more post on China Glaze glitter nail polish! This polish is "Fortune Teller," the quintessential Halloween glitter polish.

"Fortune Teller" has a sheer black base and metallic orange glitter. I made a bit of a mess when trying to apply it! Hee hee. If one leaves too much polish on the brush, it gets really messy and may run or pool. If one wipes off too much polish from the brush, then the glitter does not go on. I think that, as a novice, I will get the hang of it with some practice.

It's quite cool:

Don't forget to click on pictures to see the large version, by the way.

I am not really into Halloween, but I can't wait to have some fun with my nails at the end of the month. The real reason I bought Fortune Teller, however, is the way it looks with a matte topcoat. AWESOME!

I think that the best way to wear the polish for Halloween is with my sloppy application! Yes, it is really scary and like something from a horror movie!! Like my fingertips have been bludgeoned or something. Eeeeek! Boo!

"I'm gonna get you my pretty!" (cue up the Psycho shower scene music):

I know I would be scared to see my hand with that polish like that coming at me!! Seriously, I do think with a little practice and careful application and cleanup, I will be able to rock this Halloween polish, but I will most likely stick with the awesome matte!!

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