Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Haulage!

Woo hoo, a triple delight was waiting for me when I got home last night. My new Chuck Taylors had arrived, along with my Zoya "Roxy" (shipped separately from the rest of my order) and my China Glaze glitters from Victoria Nail Supply.

Okay, I ripped into the Zoya Roxy padded envelope on top first, and WOWWWW! I liked to have swooned over this gorgeous glittery goodness!! I got a bit distracted from the overal haul. I popped it open and painted over the Zoya "Zara" on the index fingernail. Oh my, what a lovely dark pinky purpley glittery thang!!

I regained my composure and forged ahead. Yay! My China Glaze glitter polishes made it intact! Yay! Thank you Victoria Nail Supply!

I got a free bottle of Color Club's Loosen Up Cuticle treatment (boy do I need that! My pictures of my own nails are starting to freak me out!) and a free bottle of the fast drying topcoat.

Ooh! I see some glitter!!

I played around quite a bit with the glitters, and having these waiting for me when I return from vacation in a couple of weeks will be nice. I only opened up my shoes before going to bed; the Chucks are a dark gray and look awesome.


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