Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zoyas Have Arrived and China Glaze Chromes are Complete!

Weekends are always good, by definition. My weekend got off to an especially fantastic start. I left work early to get my hair cut---my restored bob and highlights look awesome, long overdue!!---then headed to the nearby Sally Beauty to check on the current state of China Glaze affairs.

Thanks to Sparkled Beauty, I had been alerted to a buy-2-get-$3-off deal for the China Glaze glitter and chromes collection, and I was still missing two of them. I used the $3 off to get China Glaze Millennium and Metallic Muse!!

l-r: Twenty-Four K (purchased earlier), Millennium, Metallic Muse, also at beginning of post.

I also got a dotting tool and a striping brush so that I can dip my toes---and fingers, lol!---into some simple nail art.

Coming home, I was excited to find my Zoya order from a special BOGO this week waiting for me!! Yay! My first Zoyas. Funnily, I thought I had ordered 12 but actually had gotten only 10. 8 of the 10 had arrived, with the other 2 shipping separately.

Lol! Not to worry, the above pics were staged. The polish arrived properly packed in little boxes amongst the styrofoam pellets.

Using the excellent pics on Polish Mayhem, which featured a daily Zoya back in May 2009, I had chosen a selection of really pretty colors to try this brand out. Ooh wee! All of the polishes are so pretty. I am typing this with Zoya "Ki" on my fingers and will post a review soon, followed by more Zoya and China Glaze madness.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, filled with color and, if you are so inclined, nail polish happiness!!

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