Thursday, March 25, 2010

Color Club Almost Famous

Continuing with Color Club's POPtastic Collection, I give you "Almost Famous," a bright, neon yellow creme. Now I began this series for the POPtastic collection with Wham! Pow!---a crossing guard vest, if you worked at an airport directing airplanes around and forgot your orange cone thingies, you could just use your hands as long as your nails were painted with this orange. Seriously. The yellow "Almost Famous" continues the the whole neon highlighter marker theme.

Now, I started a lovely afternoon of swatching nail polish with this particular color and I immediately regretted starting with a yellow. I have learned that yellows are notoriously difficult to apply because of the pigments...or something to that effect. This yellow went on rather streaky, but I thought it looked okay by the third coat. I found the rest of the colors went on really well, fortunately!

So, let's take a look. I start with a couple of shots indoors and then go out into the sunshine.

Now for direct sunlight, where the color is a tad washed out but still shows up bright in these pictures.

Outdoors, but in the shade, yep, it's definitely yellow!!

I have a neon yellow patent envelope-style clutch that I need to dig out and coordinate with these screamin' yellow nails!! Fun!! Sunshine and happiness. The only reason NOT to feel happy while wearing this polish is the streaky application, but if you want a punch of yellow, please do persevere and you'll be rewarded.


Skulda said...

I like a good yellow. That yellow looks pretty rockin' to me!

Tuli said...

This is a pretty shade of yellow, very "sunny" :-)

Euridice said...

Hi, Skulda and Tuli, I think it's rockin' AND sunny, lol! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post.

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