Monday, March 15, 2010

OPI Hot and Spicy

I haven't posted in a few days...I must confess something, actually. I've been a bit distracted by trying to decide on a possible handbag order! Yep. You can turn the handbag addict into a nail polish addict, but you can't take the handbag addict out of the nail polish addict! Er, or something to that effect.

It rained all weekend, but I still have much to post from my picture-taking last weekend when it was nice and sunny. The lovely rijaH of Polishing the Nails! voted for some OPI Hong Kong Collection, so I will start off with the intriguing "Hot and Spicy," a creamsicle red-orange color.

I first thought "creamsicle orange" when I saw this polish in the bottle, but it really is more of a creamsicle red-orange. The color is vibrant but still has a pale, muted quality to it. It is the color of Buffalo sauce, sort of. Well, even if muted it's definitely spicy! Let's start off indoors.

The latter picture shows that creamsicle muted quality, while the top picture shows it at its most vibrant. Moving outdoors into the sunlight, then! Onward!

And, in the shade:

I am fascinated with this interesting color! Just to demonstrate the pale red-orange quality, I tried on a vibrant straight orange "Get the Fever 09" from Essence. Below, indoors, you can see the difference between a true vivid orange and "Hot and Spicy."

My parting shot is the comparison between the Essence and Hot and Spicy in the direct sunlight. Sure, it's paler than straight orange, but there definitely is a spicy quality to Hot and Spicy. It definitely goes with the coral tones one is seeing this spring.


rijaH said...

Its looks so peach colored.. dont you think? :D Its more peach than orange thats for sure

Rebecca said...

ooh good comparison! I know I don't need this one now thanks to this :D

gildedangel said...

That is such a nice color!

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