Sunday, March 7, 2010

What to do, what to do?!?!

Okay, so much polish, so little time!! I have the following collections: OPI Hong Kong. China Glaze Up and Away, and Color Club Rebel Debutante, but also Barielle's 6 spring colors, BB Couture Hands for Haiti, and Orly Sweet. Because I've seen a lot of posts on the Hong Kong, Up and Away, and Rebel Debutante, I've been working on posts on Color Club Pardon My French and Color Club POPtastic, which are going up soon.

So, if anyone has any prerefences for what I should work on next, out of all the collections I list above, please let me know!! Otherwise I'll just keep swatching and posting as my fancy strikes me.


rijaH said...

would love to see OPI hong kong :D and lucky you for having so many wonderfull collection to choose amongst :D

Tuli said...

What to swap is a well known :-)

I'm curious about the new Color Clubs so I vote for them :-)

But feel free to swatch whatever you feel like, I'm sure I'll love it anyway <3

Euridice said...

hi, @rijaH, okay, I did a couple of the Hong Kong today to get started with that, just for you! And, I guess I am lucky that I have a high tolerance for being broke!! :-P

hi, @Tuli, I swatched some of the Rebel Debutante today as well, and I will have posts coming up on the poptastic and Pardon my French in the meantime.

Thanks for commenting!!

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