Sunday, March 7, 2010

Color Club Oh Naturale


This post continues my swatches and review of the Color Club Pardon My French collection, which is one of three 2010 spring collections from Color Club. "Oh Naturale" is an interesting milky orangey-peach. It's hard for me to put my finger on what exactly the color is. It's definitely peachy. But it has a bit of orange to it. It's not nude. I thought perhaps it was cantaloupe sherbet, a very pale cantaloupe-based hue. Now I am just going to go with milky orange-peach, leaving peach as the main color. 

Oh Naturale is more sheer than the super opaque Take Me To Your Chateau but builds to opaqueness. I used two coats. I'm seeing a bit of nail line in my pictures, so perhaps a third coat will be indicated for those who can't tolerate even the slightest "VNL." 

First we have a indoors shot, followed by sunlight shots I took hanging out my window during the aftermath of the double blizzards in February.





Now, let's do the layering thing! We have the rich apricot glitter "Turn the Other Chic." In this case, the color of the glitter is much brighter than the natural peach creme, as opposed to the pairing of the pale blue Take Me To Your Chateau and the icy glitter "Si Vous Please!" with its blue sparkles. 



The bottle on the left is "Si Vous Please!" while "Turn the Other Chic" is on the right.


Above and below, I have one layer of Turn the Other Chic glitter on my index finger, Oh Naturale with Turn the Other Chic on my middle and pinky fingernails, and just Oh Naturale on my ring finger.



While bright, the glitter is quite sheer, so having a base color to put it on top of makes a lot of sense. In this case, the natural creme makes a good base for the glitter, instead of being the main attraction being enhanced by the glitter. On top of the natural, "Turn the Other Chic" looks rich and gorgeous in just one coat!



Maria said...

I like this color on you. The first one. Very nice. I like nudes from afar, but I'm not sure about them on my skin tone or for my personality really.

gildedangel said...

Great colors!

Tuli said...

What a great post, thank you ! This is a cute color and I love it with the orange glitter :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you choose a winner in your give away yet? ;.)

rijaH said...

These are great :D I love Oh Naturale :)

Euridice said...

Thanks, Maria! Thanks, Tuli! I am reqally liking this color.

Oh, and I had to notify the winners before announcing but I've since posted about that. ;-)

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