Sunday, March 7, 2010

Milani Neons - Four Selections


On the same visit to the CVS drugstore that I scored my Milani holo haul, I also picked up a few of the Milani neons. I believe that Milani has 8 of these neons, while the CVS seemed to have 6, and I selected 4: left to right, "Fresh Teal," "Rad Purple," "Dude Blue," and "Techno Red."


The teal seemed to be a real teal (it seems so many things labeled teal aren't really my expectation of teal!), but it was bluer than the bottle and tended towards a turquoise tone of teal. The purple has magenta tones to it, while the Dude Blue was a bit darker than pictured here. The red was a hot coral red---very pretty! The purple and red dried to a somewhat matte finish, what I would called a "waxy matte" like candle wax, while the teal and blue had some gloss.




Remember, the blue is darker than this in real life!



I only did a quick look at these polishes, and below is the only picture I have in sunlight, coming in through my dining room window (the pillow is there for my cats to enjoy!). I need to play with these further, outside and in the light but this quick introduction should give an indication of what they look like on the nails. They are fun, bright, and a bit hard to capture with my camera!



Rhea said...

Loving the purple one!

Euridice said...

yeah, I love it, too! Definitely on the reddish side of purple.

gildedangel said...

Great choices, they are all so pretty!

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