Thursday, March 4, 2010

Comparison of Milani Holos vs China Glaze Kaleidoscopes


Wow, the response to my very first giveaway has been just tremendous!! And continuing with the Follow for Holos, aka Holla for Holos, theme, I present here a comparison between the Milani holos (which are part of the giveaway) and the Kaleidoscopes that I have (8 out of 12 in the collection).

The purple Milani "Hi-Res" is rather a grape purple (like grape juice, not the wine-colored grape), and is not duplicated by my Kaleidoscopes. The yellow-green Milani "Hi-Tek" is also not duplicated. The four Milani holos that can be compared are the gold, silver, blue, and pink. 

I think the closest comparison is between the blues. The Milani blue, "Cyberspace," has a bit more blue to it but is otherwise very close to China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out. Ring finger = Kaleidoscope Him Out; middle finger = "Cyberspace."


 Interestingly, I consider China Glaze How About A Tumble to be in the purple family, albeit a lighter purple; at the same time, I consider Milani "Digital" to be pink. Yet, these two polishes were a fairly close match. Not a dupe, mind you, but they match up fairly well. In person, How About a Tumble shows more purple than Milani Digital. Ring finger = How About a Tumble; pinky = Digital.


All together, both comparisons:



Now, let's look at the gold and silver Milani holos, which have much more metallic surfaces than It's My Turn and Visit Me in Prism, which are more gold-colored and silver-colored rather than literally gold or silver metallic.


Ring finger (left) = China Glaze It's My Turn, and middle finger = Milani "3D" (with the same blooper as in my post on the Milani holos!). Below, see the holo "blaze" effect on the China Glaze as opposed to the Milani? They are both beautiful; I think it's a matter of what look one prefers, gold metallic versus a yellow-gold-colored. (The index is wearing the Milani silver "HD").



Below, I've left the silver Milani "HD" on the index finger, and now China Glaze "Visit Me in Prism," the icy, silvery holo, is on the middle finger.






The latter picture is from a different perspective, looking up the nail to see the holo shine!!

None of these are exact dupes, but hopefully one can see the similarities and differences between these four pairs.


gildedangel said...

Wow, I can't believe how close they really are, even though there is a difference.

Skulda said...

Neat comparisons. Too bad the Milani isn't as 'holo' as the CG.

Skulda said...

To clarify what I meant was the GOLDS... the gold colours are very different from eachother in comparison to the others.

rijaH said...

Just gonna leave a quick comment on this and check in again and read it all tomorrow :) These really look good :)

Euridice said...

Thanks for checking in, rijaH!

Yes, gildedangel, I think they are close enough that if you want something similar but don't care about dupes you can take one over the other.

I know, I think both versions of the golds are pretty, but there is a definite metallic surface that just doesn't have the same "holo-ness" as the China Glaze version. I think they are both worth having, though!

rijaH said...

I seriously need to get those Milanis.. Where can i get them?

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