Tuesday, March 2, 2010

China Glaze Layers: Refresh Mint Green With He's Going in Circles


I have so many different things to post, aaagh! I need to continue with my Color Club Pardon My French review series, but I also have to keep the holo giddiness going in honor of my first giveaway, Holla For Holos!! 
When I was putting together different bottles of polish to try to describe the color of China Glaze He's Going in Circles" I came up with a pairing with China Glaze Refresh Mint Green from the Up and Away Collection. Hmm....why not try this combination on??

I've got, below, Refresh Mint Green on my index and middle fingers, He's Going in Circles on my ring. I found the Refresh Mint Green to be a bit streaky and gloopy, and you can see this effect in my pictures. The color is really, really pretty, though, so maybe I can figure out a way to make it work.

Now the Refresh Mint Green is two coats on the ring, below, and one coat over the Refresh Mint Green on the middle finger.

Two bottles, three great looks!!!!  Brushing on a light coat of the He's Going in Circles transforms the mint green! The color is deepened, and the surface now has a slight colorful sparkliness!! 

Now, let's check it out in different angles in the sunlight!








He's Going in Circles on its own is quite splendid, but using it as a top coat over this mint green is a great change of pace and a lovely combination. If you want a hint of color and holo sparkle, try this layering out!!


gildedangel said...

So pretty!

rijaH said...

I tried mixing some similar colors like this but it just doesn't look right :s I prefer them to be apart I think, but 2 very nice colors :)

Euridice said...

ha ha, rijaH, you're a purist! I agree that sometimes it doesn't come out the way you hope when you layer, but in this instance I thought it came out well.

rijaH said...

hehe guess so :P I just tried this a million times where I thought.. hey this and that would look nice.. and then the finished result it just a mess.. I have at least 100 pictures of such fails :P hehe

Skulda said...

I love how you layered it!

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