Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orly Sweet

I was a bit puzzled how Orly "Bloom" could be a spring collection, although I ended up really liking it a lot. Orly "Sweet" is, on the other hand, the quintessential spring collection with six pretty pastel colors. I purchased the set and played with four of the colors---I wasn't feeling the pinks, which are never my favorite, I'll get to those later.

First of all, above left to right: Pixie Stix, Cotton Candy, Lollipop, Snowcone, Gumdrop, and Lemonade.

Second of all, yes, those are miniature lip glosses with each one. So cute! And they all have a yummy smell to them. As has been reported on the nail blogs, the lip glosses that are yellow or green and so forth are rather sheer so you don't end up with yellow or green lips. So fun!! I loved the charms that came with fall's "Once Upon a Time" collection, and I am really adoring these spring lip glosses.

Some more bottle shots:

Gumdrop is kind of mint green/aqua-ish, while Lollipop is a pale pinkish lavender.

Snowcone is a cornflower blue, while Lemonade is pale lemon yellow.

And a quick skittles to check them out.

And in the bottles, again.

I really like these sweet colors. Oh, hey, that's why the collection is called Sweet, it's really appropos!! The two pinks have been sitting on my table, and they are growing on me, so I'll be delving into this collection in more depth including the pinks. In the meantime, I am really loving the pretty spring pastels, maybe as much as I'm digging the hot summer brights!! Both kinds of colors are cheering me up and lifting my winter doldrums and getting me excited for spring!!


Skulda said...

That collection is so pretty! I like that you did it smartie-style! (different colour on each nail)

gildedangel said...

Those are such lovely colors!

nail-design said...

I love Snowcone it's so perfect to the denim trend for clothes this spring!

rijaH said...

I love this collection to :D Its so nice and creamy hehhe :D

Euridice said...

Thanks for your comments, y'all! That's a good point about the denim and this blue. And, yes, rijaH, they ARE creamy!! :-)

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