Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nail Noob -- Barielle Haul, Y'all!!

Okay, I've done my Thursday update, now let's get to the HAUL!!! I received my first ever Barielle nail colors!! Yay! I placed my order only early this week, and they arrived Thursday. I had ordered a total of 9 nail polishes, 6 of which were from the new fall 2009 All Laquered Up Collection. One bottle broke in transit, much to my dismay, and two other polishes got some polish on their bottles, so my photo shoot features only 6 of the 8 that made it intact.

I'm also excited by my first Barielle nail care purchase! I ordered the Barielle Love Your Nails Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover Towelettes. The round container with screw top contains 40 towelettes and will be very handy for traveling. I promptly removed my Essie St. Lucia Lilac from all 10 fingernails with one pad, true to Barielle's claim. The pad worked really well!! The fragrance was not too overwhelming, unlike the harsh and not terribly effective nail polish removers from the drugstore. Good stuff!

I gave these 6 polishes a try and share my own swatches below. These are the "Nail Noob" ("Nail Dufus" seems a bit too harsh on myself!) version of swatches. If you want to see the super-gorgeous pictures from the expert beauty bloggers, try these out from All Lacquered Up and Scrangie.

First up is "Putt-E-On-Me." This is a light brown putty color, so pretty!! This polish will be a great neutral this fall, definitely.

"Get Mauve-ing" is a lovely rose color, a mauve dusted down with some brownishness. Another great neutral like the putty brown, but with some color.

I was really excited about "Slate-of-affairs" since it seemed an unusual shade of slate blue. I was a bit concerned that it was seeming more purply when I first brushed it on, but the second coating brought out the color more, seen here on my pinky finger! It's blue, but with a neutral sensibility!

Wow! This light yellowy-green metallic is SO pretty!! I know forest green is the nail color trend for fall, but "Polished Princess" will be just as lovely. In fact, I am leaning toward wearing this one first. It seems just as fun for summer as for fall----my personal vision for fall really embraces the putty, grey, dusty mauve and slate blue colors offered, not so much the metallic yellow-green. I think this color will be an excellent "transition" nail color, because I am certainly not ready to go all dusty and greyed out!

I am SO GLAD I rustled up some nice codes so I could get the 6 ALU colors AND add some other Barielle shades. "Date Night" is a fantastic forest green that shows green and not the black-green that a lot of forest greens do (this concern was important to me when choosing a leather handbag in forest green). This dark emerald-y green RAWKS!!

"Secret Encounter"---love that name!---is a metallic magenta. This color is dark but still packs a gorgeous magenta punch!!

I slopped some of the bright yellow creme "Lemondrops" on as well as the dark grey creme "You-Concrete-Me." Those bottles had gotten some of the spilt polish on them so did not make the "photo shoot." The dark grey is excellent, and I really look forward to wearing that in the fall, definitely. I ordered the yellow because I did not yet have yellow in my nail polish selection, and this yellow will be bright and fun. Summer is not over yet; August has been the hottest month this summer, and I don't think I will lack an opportunity to try this out. Maybe with my canary yellow patent clutch....hmm...

As a complete Nail Newbie, I appreciate the formula on these polishes and the way they apply. The formula is thin but not drippy and runny (stressful when you don't know what you are doing! Having some control is a good thing!). I think I will be able to swipe on two thin coats and not have a gloppy mess, especially on my left hand (I am left-handed). I also am psyched to have some polish remover that is not so harsh and actually works really well.

Time will tell, but I am thrilled with my Barielle polishes and remover and can't wait to see how well these work for me!! Thanks to Michelle of All Lacquered Up for collaborating with Barielle and creating a fantastic array of fall colors! Congratulations on this major achvement!!

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