Sunday, August 16, 2009

To blog...or not to blog?

A while back, maybe a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to do travel writing of some kind. I set up a blog and called it “Travels with Euridice.” I was going to write up my travels and blog about travel-related matters. Predictably, I didn’t actually get around to doing it.

More recently I’ve thought I would like to write or blog, but about what? I could write a blog about several different areas of interest. If someone actually reads it, well, fine! If not, it’s still a great exercise to improve my writing or to just entertain myself. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even remotely interesting.

What to call it? Well, ‘travels with Euridice’ could be literal….you know, my travels. I do love to travel and plan trips. ‘Travels with Euridice’ could also be figurative, traveling with Euridice through different topics and experiences. Traveling through life, even!

So, I think I will write up my thoughts on the following areas: travel, beauty (I recently started wearing makeup again, and am suddenly obsessed with learning everything about beauty in order to have a successful go at it), fashion (I am a handbag addict, love shoes, and have a basic interest in fashion in general), art and culture (love museums! Love early music!), and….well, this is enough to start with. It’s like, everything I love to shop for, that’s what I’ll write about!!

Let’s start traveling.

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