Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nail Noob -- Essie's Matte About You

I’ve recently decided to teach myself to paint my nails properly and have decent-looking nails. Not spectacular nails---I’m not kidding myself since I’m starting from ground zero---but decent, not-embarrassed-to-actually-go-out-in-public painted nails.

I’m not crazy about my hands. I never cracked my knuckles but ended up with big wrinkly knuckles, much to my disgust. Some of my nails have weird shapes, especially the middle finger of my left hand, which seems a bit deformed from grasping my pencil in a strange, left-handed sort of way. The pencil pushes against the right side of the nail, making a weird shape and callus.

I attempted to paint my nails earlier in life, without great success. My mother discouraged nail color, and I just decided to agree with her that nail color was on the tacky side and give up on it.

But the colors I’m seeing for polishes are so amazing! Greens! Purples! Blues! Browns and grays! I love color! The topper for me is the new trend for MATTE nails. How cool is that?! Sure, painting the nails with bright colors is kind of unnatural, but what a great way to express one’s self and accessorize at the same time. What wouldn’t be better than to match my nails to my beloved handbags. For serious!

Which gets me to the point I want to make. After carefully trying to paint my nails a beautiful electric blue from Lancôme (Indigo Paris ) I realized that I had botched it up, and all of the nail surfaces were…botched-looking. What the?! Well, I pulled out the new Essie Matte About You and put it on my thumb and index finger, and wow!! Perfection! A cool and gorgeous matte blue, but also smoothed over with no more botchy, grainy lumpiness showing.

Wow, awesome matte finish AND a saver of hard nail work! Two goopy painted thumbnails up for this product! I got mine at Ulta.

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Euridice said...

I ended up not mattifying the rest of the nails but doing the whole thing over, since I needed the practice. I have filed away this trick for when the botching happens again---which it will!!!

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