Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Ain’t Over ‘Til I Say It’s Over!

I read recently that August was a transitional month from summer to fall. Well, I originally come from the Deep South where summer goes on into September, so I was a little surprised by that statement. In addition, I now live in the eastern United States where summer took a while to get cranked up and going. August has had the hottest temperatures of the summer, so summer is still going strong, I’m afraid.

Of course, I do understand the “transitional” statement---as a lover of fall fashion, I am ready to get my August and September fashion mags at the beginning of the summer. I am no lover of hot weather, and I start my fall planning in July and August. My reaction to the whole transitional thing right now is just that I am not ready to stop wearing my summer handbags and accessories. For me, September is the true transitional month.

How will we know when summer has ended, then? Is it a mere date on a calendar? Here are the new rules I am currently working out:

1. If the temperatures are still in the nineties (Fahrenheit), it’s still summer.
2. It it stays in the seventies (Fahrenheit) during the night, it’s still summer. Seventies are great during the day, but during the night, most uncomfortable.
3. If you’re going about your business buying nail polishes like crazy when suddenly you are stranded in a huge 30-minute thunderstorm that only takes a few seconds to flood everything, it’s summer, totally.
4. If you are not ready to stop wearing turquoise, aqua, orange, cobalt, bright purple, and fuchsia leather handbags, then I’m afraid it’s still summer.

Fashion seems to be cooperating with the freaky weather this year, with so many brights and neons showing up all over the place for fall. Beauty bloggers and Youtubers seem a bit surprised to be reviewing nail polish collections that contain brown, black, berries, and lively neons. Perhaps we can give the neons a go in September before getting into our customary jewel tones, browns, and grays. Maybe by October, we can welcome fall in a timely fashion. At least, those of us on the East Coast….with treasured summer handbag collections.

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