Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Update

Nail Noob - - YAY! My Barielle nail colors are here! Already! Unfortunately, one bottle arrived broken...oh noes! That is kind of disappointing, and I will have to contact Barielle and see if they can send me a replacement. The broken bottle was Lava Rock, which was the extra ALU color I added to the 5 that I could not do without. (I would gladly own the whole ALU set, of course, but my budget is a bit limited).

Project Runway -- Thank heavens PR is finally back. Oh, Tim Gunn, how I have missed you!! And this group of designers seems to be a big improvement so far over the last batch. Lifetime has, thankfully, not changed the tried-and-true Project Runway formula....same soundtrack, format, everything. I am TiVoing the 11:30 EST showing. So don't tell me what happens, lol! Hmm, let me turn my Twitterfox updates off so a spoiler does not pop up and ruin things. There. Better! Anyway, the one major change is the kind of commercial I am forced to sit through (yes, I misplaced my TV clicker again!). Bizarre shows on this channel....

I am a big Project Runway fan. I have a love-hate relationship with the show, actually. I adore the show, but I also spend a lot of time bemoaning all the ways the producers try to ruin a reality show that has the potential to rise far above the drivel of the typical reality show! We are off to a good start though. I didn't mind the first challenge....there will be plenty of time for crazy innovation challenges, I am sure! I am not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan, either, but I thought she did very well as the guest judge. She has definitely worn her share of fashion, and her comments were quite intelligent.

Blogging -- Well, so far the blog is shaping up pretty well. I haven't completely quit yet. The "Euridice Beauty" component seems to be emerging much more than the other topics about which I plan to blog. Beauty, make-up and cosmetics are what I am currently obsessing over, so there you are!

I recently discovered YouTube beauty tutorials and instantly became addicted. I had made a New Year's resolution to start wearing make-up again, and I kept it for 2 or 3 weeks in January. Well, it's never too late! I'm now wearing make-up daily and using the idea of eye makeup as an outlet for self-expression. So far, my laziness and unwillingness to get up in the morning have not stifled this new-found creativity. But of course I am out shopping like crazy!!! The instant nail polish collection is only the most recent aspect of my beauty obsession.

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