Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nail Noob -- My Picks from Orly Fall 2009!

I was intrigued to read about the Orly Once Upon a Time Collection in the All Lacquered Up and Scrangie nail blogs, and I knew I was going to get some of these polishes. Enchanted Green is a creamy and lovely forest green that seemed dark enough without being too black-green. This one was a definite. Prince Charming seemed a really cool light brown that would make a great neutral for fall, so while All Lacquered Up wasn't feeling it, I was pretty sure I wanted that one. "Mirror Mirror" was a light grey that bore looking into.

On the other hand, the orange-red "Poison Apple" wasn't for me since I am not interested in purchasing reds. The pictures of the dark pink "Happily Ever After" were sooooo pretty, but I just wasn't sure I needed this color. Pixie dust, a light bluish silvery....well, it's hard to describe. It too looked pretty, but again, not necessarily something I thought I wanted.

Yesterday I read Clumps Of Mascara's review and was intrigued to see cute charms on the bottles!! I totally missed them in the pics on the other blogs.

Well, when I got to ULTA late in the day to get my crystal file and look for Essie's "Bright Tights," I was thrilled to see the collection had arrived, along with the cute charms! And, predictably, I caved and got all the colors except for the Poison Apple.

Enchanted Forest has a bejeweled butterfly charm. This is, as promised, a dark creamy forest green that is completely on target for the fall's forest green nail color trend. Nailed it! Oops, I didn't realize the bad pun as I started typing that, but I'll leave it, anyway. Not sure if I need any other forest greens---this dark green creme is well-nigh perfection.

"Prince Charming" has a silvery crown charm. Befitting! This color is a light brown, along the putty lines that seem to be popular. It applied smoothly for my sample, and I really love this color for its plain, neutral sensibilities. But wait---how close is this to OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" that I purchased recently?? Oh dear, it's actually pretty close.

The "You Don't Know Jacques" is a bit darker, perhaps, and more on the cool-tone side, with "Price Charming" a little warmer and more yellow-y in tone. The colors are really, really close, though! For someone who doesn't want a lot of one shade, these polishes are close. if you like nuances of putty-brown, however, then they are both really nice. I will not cry over spilled nail polish, or "spilled money on dupe" polish, myself!

The reason I ended up with "Happily" Ever After, truth be told, was that I really like the charm that came with it, a cute, bejeweled shoe, kind of a kitten-heel mule. Precious! I am not into charms, but why not?! I can put them on a purse or keychain or something. Yay! (Boy, taking close-up pics of one's fingers really helps one see problems in the cuticle-health area, lol!!)

This color is totally gorgeous. So creamy, so dark pinky. Even that cute shoe would not justify an ugly or even a "meh" polish. It's pretty, and I do like it....just now I will need to make sure I don't accidentally dupe it.

"Pixie Dust" is accompanied by a bejeweled fairy, or perhaps I should just say pixie. This color is really enchanting! Hard to describe, though. It's a pale greyish blue, or maybe with a little purple in it. Or perhaps the purply tone means it's really a light bluish grey. But the enchantment comes from the shimmer!!

It's a lovely, shimmery polish that I think will be really, really popular. If I end up liking and wearing this polish, I think that would indicate that I should get the rather fabulous-looking and eponymous "Scrangie" from Rescue Beauty Lounge. It's all a matter of what polishes work for my needs, but I am glad I got "Pixie Dust." What to wear it with? Browns for some contrast, maybe??

Hmm, You Tubers and Beauty Bloggers, with what clothes are we supposed to wear our nail colors?? Especially the more fanciful, such as "Pixie Dust?" Nail noobs want to know!!!

Weirdly, I didn't seem to have the "Mirror Mirror" when I got home. I am pretty sure I didn't put it back, and ULTA wrapped the polishes up in the bag and put them in another I don't think it could have fallen out. Mirror, mirror, where is my mirror, mirror?! I am thinking it just didn't make it into my bag....ack! I will have to track this down.

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