Sunday, February 28, 2010

Color Club Pardon My French: Introduction

I have to apologize here. My internet is down at home so I thought rather than get behind in my blogging I'd stop by a Fedex Office and do a couple of posts. Argh! This connection is the slowest ever, a complete rip-off to charge people for internet access and give them this. Fedex Office, if you are reading this, you suck!!

So, instead of doing a lot of work and scheduling several posts for the week, I have gotten one quick post up and nothing else. I upload my pictures to Flickr and download smaller sizes to post on Blogger, and well, that's not a very good methodology when your connection blows chunks.

So, I am going to just do an introductory post to Color Club's Pardon My French collection, then I will give up for the evening. I am backlogged on items I need to post about, but there is only so much I can do!

To the collection at hand. "Pardon My French." This collection is one of three Color Club spring collections. At first glance, I noticed two cool-toned pinks on the left, three warm-toned colors in the middle, then two more cool-toned icy blue and glitter on the right.

"Pardon My French," a very pale milk pink and "I Believe in Amour," a light but vibrant pink.


Left to right, below, "Hot Couture," a warm orange-pink glitter, ""Oh Naturale," a light orange-peach, or perhaps an cantaloupe sherbet, and "Turn the Other Chic," an apricot glitter. 

Cool pale blues: a creme "Take Me To Your Chateau," and a glitter "Si Vous Please!" which is an icy glitter that contains some blue and other tones in it.

Then I realized that the glitter could be meant to pair with the cremes, like so: The pink crème plus glitter, peachy-cantaloupe crème plus orange glitter, and the icy blue plus icy white glitter.

Pink creme plus glitter: the creme looks decidedly coolor and more lilac in tone while the glitter is very warm-toned. Hmm.


The cantaloupe sherbet creme plus the darker and richer apricot glitter.


And, again, the blues paired together, these look the most similar for being a pair. 


So, that's a bit of bottle love for you, and tomorrow I will have to work on getting the rest of the posts up. I will either chop it into two huge posts of pt. 1 = cremes and pt. 2 = glitters, OR just a bunch of mini posts for each color. I have several pictures of each.


Skulda said...

:O I love the cantalpoue and apricot glitter!!

Lucy said...

I'd love to see these swatched when you can. They look really pretty. Layering with the glitter should look amazing. Hope your internet goes up again soon.

Euridice said...

I'll definitely have some pictures up soon, y'all! They do look amazing with the glitter layered. Please stay tuned! ;-)

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