Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Milani Holos!!


This past weekend I decided to try to find the elusive Milani holographic polishes that I had been hearing so much about. I decided to try a 24 hour CVS branch that sometimes seemed to have the special polish collections, and voila!! There was a nice, pristine, full display of the Milani holos. Yay! I immediately snatched them up. 
These polishes are quite similar to the China Glaze Kaleidoscope series and come in six colors. Let's check out the four regular colors first, then the two metallics.


We have purple ("Hi-Res"), green ("Hi-Tech"), blue ("Cyberspace"), and pink ("Digital)" colors. 




The colors are pretty and attractive enough indoors without any light shining on them. Moving on towards the rays of sun streaming through my windows, then:






Ah, the little white crystals spring into action and shine and reflect colorfully!! Very nice, Milani! Now, we also need to look at the other two colors, which are silver ("HD") and gold ("3D").


These two metallics have a smooth metallic effect, shown here in the indoors, below:

And, now with the light on them, you can see the sparkle and the holo effect, although, with the metallic surface, not to the extent of the other four colors. We don't see the "blaze" or oil slick effect of the others.




Oops, the gold got a little messed up, as it wasn't quite dry. 


You can see how the light hits the shiny, metallic surface especially well in the following:


Well-done, Milani! I really like this collection. The blue and pink are similar to a couple of my Kaleidoscope polishes, so I think a follow-up post is merited for comparison's sake. Otherwise, these are excellent additions to my growing holo collection!!

Milani special collections can sometimes be hit or miss: Are these showing up in your local drugstores now?? Do you own any?? What is your favorite Milani holo??!


gildedangel said...

They all look so pretty!

Euridice said...

yes, they really are pretty and so nice for spring, too!!

Euridice said...
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polishedprude said...

Score!!! I think my faves are of course the pink and purple. I'm so predictable, lol.

Nicole said...

I think my favorite of these is the green! I just put it on. I haven't tried out the purple yet though.

Euridice said...

@polishedprude, well pinks and purples are always pretty awesome, that much is predictable!

@Nicole you are so right about the green! It BLINGS! it's off the charts with its holo effect.

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