Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Comparison of OPI Holiday Glitter Reds

OPI really delivered on reds for the holidays this year! After I selected "Smitten With Mittens" I decided to add a couple of other glittery reds from this collection to see how they compared. (I can do such experiments when I have coupons and discounts!!)

The two reds I purchased were "Dear Santa" and "Crimson Carol." They are both bright glittery red polishes that are very, very similar. The "Dear Santa," however, has a more orange tone to the red, while "Crimson Carol" has a more raspberry pink tone. If you are looking for a bright red but have a definite preference for a cooler or redder tone, then one of these two selections could be the answer.

"Dear Santa" on left, and "Crimson Carol" on the right:

Now joined by "Smitten with Mittens" on the right, very noticeably darker than the other two.

Same order, below. All three polishes show a bunch of fine gold glitter in the bottles.

"Dear Santa" on my indexer finger.

Christmas Carol on the ring finger. I had a bit of spillage with this polish, onto the cuticles.

Let's compare to "Smitten With Mittens" on the middle finger, Dear Santa still on index and Crimson Carol on ring finger.

Outside in the late afternoon sun:

The pictures of the polish on the nails are reminding me of strawberries because of the tiny little dots showing in the polish....just like the surface of strawberries!!

It seemed that in addition to being brighter colors of about the same intensity, Christmas Carol and Dear Santa showed more sparkly and glossier than the Smitten with Mittens. Both are very pretty reds. If you like sparkly red polishes of slightly differing shades, get both Christmas Carol and Dear Santa, plus the darker Smitten with Mittens. If you have a preference for one version of sparkly red over the other, get Smitten for darker red, Dear Santa for an orange-tone red, and Christmas Carol for a pinker-tone red. All three apply well with the larger OPI brush, with two coats needed and perhaps a third for maximum coverage. Ho ho ho!

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