Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash Swatches

I can't remember the last time I used a whole eye pencil. Enter the 24/7 "Super Stash" from Urban Decay!

The creamy smooth 24/7 pencils seem to be very popular, so I was psyched to get this little kit of mini pencils a few weeks ago as part of a little Urban Decay haul from ULTA (I've already reported on the outstanding Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow box). How cool to be able to try a variety of these pencils without committing to the full sizes!

Here's a little more info from the packaging (wow, shiny, I can see the reflection of me taking the photo!!):

The pencils in this smorgasbord range from the very basic and very black ("Zero") to gold ("Eldorado") to brights like purple ("Ransom") and green ("Graffiti"). On the other hand, using tiny, stubby pencils may not be as user friendly as the full size.

Left to right (above in the package and below swatched on my pale-skinned arm): Zero, Oil Slick, Corrupt, Eldorado, Graffiti, Binge, Rockstar, Stash, and Ransom.

Pictures were taken outside in late afternoon sun with some overhead clouds.

Zero (black) draws a thin, sleek fully black line.

Oil Slick NEW (black with silvery sparkle) drew a rather weak line, prompting me to draw back over it. It has some sparkle to it.

Corrupt NEW (dark brown) also drew a weaker line, which made me draw over to get it stronger.

Eldorado NEW is a bright gold with a metallic sheen to it. It went on opaque.

"Graffiti" is emerald green.

"Binge" NEW is a deep, dark blue. Could it be blurple?

"Rockstar" is a rich, deep dark brown.

"Stash" is a dark brownish olive green with iridescence.

"Ransom" is a lovely bright purple. I got the set out of order, as I couldn't get the top off of Ransom when swatching, so it comes last in my version. And, it seems to have broken off, hence the lack of clean line, there.

Below, the lighting best shows the sparkliness of "Oil Slick" as well as the full-on iridescence of of Eldorado (the gold) and Stash (olive, brownish green), as well as somewhat iridescence of Graffiti (bright green).

While I am at it, I've added to this comparison another 24/7 eye pencil "Covet" I got as part of a limited edition duo (duo with what? I'll get to that in a subsequent post!). Corrupt is a metallic dark green which showed up rather bluish green when I was in the outdoor light, qualifying it to go with a glitter eyeliner called "Peacock." Oops, I let the peacock out of the bag so to speak!

Below are the swatches under indoor lamplight, with "Covet" on the right.


These pencils glide on when doing swatches on my arm. So far, I have used the "Covet" dark green, and I give it two sets of eyelashes up, so to speak! As well as two thumbs. It drew on smoothly in a strong, thin line over glittery, chunky shadow. I look forward to trying these mini pencils next. I love different color combos with shadows.

At $36 for the Super Stash, are these gems worth the money? I would say so (use a coupon or discount!), but I know there are some perfectly good drugstore eye pencils in great colors. Hmm, sounds like a research project!

In the meantime, with ten 24/7 eye pencils to my name, I am still seeing more pencils on the Urban Decay website that I need to have. Yikes! But the next purchase for me will not be more pencils but a sharpener for all the pencils I have!!!

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