Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OPI Holiday! Ginger Bells, Ginger Bells...

....Ginger all the way! This entry in the OPI holiday 2009 collection seems more in line with Thanksgiving? It does answer my need for a gingery, pumpkin-y color in my fall color stash. I was determined to wear this polish for Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, I gave into my glitter ("ooh shiny!") weakness and put China Glaze "Ginger" on instead. At least, I applied it on Wednesday thinking I would switch for Thursday, and I just couldn't let the CG Ginger go.

So, this past weekend I tried Ginger Bells on to see how I like it. I do like this color. It represents the pumpkin side of the holidays, and I can see wearing it next fall, definitely. I am not sure if it's the perfect pumpkin-y color, but it comes close enough.

The pics in front of the holly tree were taken outdoors in the late afternoon sun on Sunday, Dec. 6, while I am clutching a more subtle Santa ornament in my dining room with overhead lighting and some natural light from the windows.

OPI Ginger Bells does not have the bling of other OPI holiday 2009 polishes, with all their glittery, festive goodness, but it does fit an important need. If you need a pumpkin-y polish in your own collection, this one is a plain creme that should stand you in good stead, even if it is not going to rock anyone's socks off.

In the meantime, oh what fun it is to ride in the OPI holiday sleigh! Hey!

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