Monday, December 14, 2009

OPI Holiday!! Smitten With Mittens

Cute name! "Smitten with Mittens" is a glittery red polish that is a darker red than China Glaze Ruby Pumps---and therefore fills a need in the holiday subset of my burgeoning polish wardrobe. Smitten with Mittens is a very pretty red, indeed. The bottle shows a lovely vein of gorgeous gold glitter....oooh, red and gold, the best combination!!

The interesting thing I noticed when putting on the first coat, is that it brushes on so glossy with the lovely glitter just, well, glittering away. When it dries, the coat is almost matte on the surface (not matte in the way of a truly matte polish, of course). Basically, it seems to fall a bit flat while the color remains pretty.

I noticed the same effect when I put on the second coat. This polish will need a nice topcoat to gloss it back up and make the glitter come through more.

I also noticed when looking over my pictures that maybe a third coat would have been a good idea to get opaque coverage, instead of my two coats.

Let's head outdoors to take a look in the late afternoon December sun.

The OPI Holiday 2009 collection contains a large percentage of reds, so if you are looking for a nice holiday red polish, OPI should have a red for you. I am pleased overall with Smitten With Mittens; I just would like to see more glitter coming through!

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