Friday, December 25, 2009

Fingerpaints Winter/Holiday 2009 Collection

I had noticed there were other nail polish brands besides China Glaze and Orly's at Sally's but had just ignored them since I didn't know anything about them. I read about the Fingerpaints winter 2009 collection, available at Sally's, on Scrangie's blog, and decided that I needed to check out this collection for myself! It's pretty awesome. 

The collection contains six colors, two of which are red. I have a really hard time photographing red for some reason, so I don't have many pictures of those two bottles of polish. 

One of the reds is tomato-colored, smooth, and full of fine gold shimmer (above, left). Very pretty, see picture of the bottle below for glimpses of gold shimmery streaks. The other red is pink-toned and glittery. Again, pretty. But, well, I am not really into reds. These are nice reds, though, if you are in the market.

For me the two standouts in the collection are the gorgeous shimmery dark green ("Evergreen Dream") and the gorgeous shimmery dark purple ("Icy Iris").

Evergreen Dream is on a par with the lovely China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. The sparkle from Evergreen Dream comes from shimmer as opposed to glitter.

Icy Iris is a dark, shimmery version of Evergreen Dream. 

The last two colors are a shimmery pink and a shimmery silver. Hmm, how many times can I repeat the word "Shimmer" in this post? The silver is my third favorite of the six. It goes on very smooth and sparkly, similar to China Glaze Tinsel but smoother. (for me, China Glaze Tinsel was pretty smooth due to my slopping glossy topcoat over the slight roughness of the fine silver glitter in that polish). 

The silver, "Sparkling Snow," is below:

Below, pictures of Decked with Dazzle.

Above, an action shot shows the sparkle effect. Okay, it's blurry, not on purpose, but those are the shots that can show sparkles, what can I say?

Another snapshot of the non-reds, above. I thought the application worked really well for me, and I look forward to trying more of Fingerpaints brand nail lacquer in the future, perhaps any distinctive colors that are not duplicated in the other brands in my collection.

Euridice rating for the collection of 6 colors: 4 out of 5. Excellent!

Summary: Applies nicely, it is not the perfect concise collection like the China Glaze, but the inclusion of the dark purple and pink give some variety to the usual Christmas colors. The dark green and silver are outstanding. I just don't see the point, with six polishes, of two reds, which makes it the 4 instead of  5 in my eyes. Both reds are lovely, though. 

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