Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OPI Holiday! Grapes in the Snow!

I know, I know, it's "Blueberries in the Snow," one of the polishes from the OPI Holiday 2009 collection, not GRAPES in the snow. Well, I'll have you know that I have snow in the yard, and when photographing OPI "Glove You So Much" I literally had grapes in the snow in the above shot. This polish, from the same 2009 holiday offering, is a gorgeous, glossy grape-burgundy. I cannot WAIT to do a proper mani and wear it for reals.

That's right, it's time to examine the OPI Holiday Collection, a large assortment of polish that promises something for everyone. If you want to go beyond the basic, perfect holiday collection from China Glaze, then shop this collection.

So far I've purchased "Shimmery Chic," "Merry Midnight," "Smitten With Mittens," and "Ginger Bells" along with Grapes in the Snow---I mean, Glove You so Much. I also threw in two more of the red polishes to try to get a sense of why someone would want so many similar reds. More on that in a later post.

Here are some shots of Glove You So Much in my dining room with overhead lighting and natural light coming through the window.

Here are some pictures in the sunlight on a late winter afternoon (yesterday, Sunday Dec. 6).

I adore this pretty, glossy polish! I will be slopping the topcoat on it for the maximum glossiness. And, I need to get out my two grape leather handbags, my Belen Echandia Hug Me large and my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in grape, which are slightly different colors (I carried my BE to the RM sample sale so was able to compare in person before buying!). I digress: one of these bags should match this lovely polish.

I have to say, the practice of waiting for sunlight to photograph swatch pics is a good one! You can see shimmer in the above pic that is not visible indoors.

I have reasoned that I spend most of my time indoors, so outdoor pics aren't as essential for my purposes. Well, I have been very happy with my sunlight efforts, including earlier pics of the many aspects of Zoya "Ki," the chameleon of nail polishes. I am hoping to get some weekend sun from now on, and do enough swatching to last through the coming week. See, I work full time, and it's totally dark looonnngg before I can leave. Hmm, maybe I can run outside and take pictures. My co-workers will wonder what the heck I am doing! Mysterious!

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