Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge to the Rescue!

So, last Tuesday I took part in a super exciting shopping event: a 50% off sale at Rescue Beauty Lounge!! I have a moratorium on new polish purchases right now because a) I have no cash, b) I have too much polish and need to use it before buying yet more, and c) I wanted to blow it out on the RBL sale! And I did, ordering 11 bottles of polish!

I haven't heard anything since ordering until this morning: a cryptic message saying simple that my order number was changed to back order. Huh?

Well, I wondered how 11 polishes could be back ordered, but just this evening I got a message saying the order was shipped!! It's still in those early stages, not quite yet "in transit," but it's giving Dec. 24 as the delivery date!!

Yay! Merry Christmas to me! I do hope they arrive on the 24th since I am shipping them to my mother's (and my childhood) home in Georgia, where I am spending Christmas resting and working on the house, and just finding some peace and quiet after a super busy and stressful workplace recently. If there is a delay, I might miss them and that would be a disaster to have my precious RBL polish stuck in Georgia after I return to the mid Atlantic, eek! Holiday suspense!


Mary said...

Hope they arrive in time! Can't wait to see what you got. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Euridice said...

Thanks, Mary! I'm excited to get my first RBLs. A happy and safe holiday to you as well!!

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