Saturday, December 19, 2009

Khrrrrrromes! Part Deux

So much exciting polish has been released this fall that it is hard to keep track of it all. Add my discovery of wonderful past masterpieces, such as the China Glaze OMG series (omg! holo!), and even the most amazing polish can fall through the cracks.

Which takes me back to the really cool little collection of chromes China Glaze released earlier in the fall: the "Khromes." A couple of these polishes were included in the Sally Beauty Glitters and Khromes before the Khromes set was released. I did add the additional Khromes to my arsenal, so let's go back and take a look!

Left to right: Sci Fi, Robotika, 2030, HiTek

The chrome finish on these is just amazing! I would love these in more colors!! These polishes are easy to apply. Certainly, the usual caveats that I've discovered for chrome or metallic finishes apply: ridges on the nail surface show through, and it's hard to avoid streaks and visible brushstrokes. I do think, however, that the application is much nicer than many other chrome metallics, making them ideal for nail polish novices who want to take part in the metallic trend.

They are completely opaque and apply like a shiny foil! The surface on these is crisp and mirror-like.

Millennium is the beautiful silver I had gotten at Sally's. To recap, here it is again from my earlier post:

Metallic Muse is a lovely silvery blue-green:

Man, I wish my right index fingernail would grow back out to that length again!!

Sci Fi is an additional silvery polish. I've heard it described as containing lavender tones. I had a bit of a blooper applying Sci Fi so put on a second coat to try to smooth things out. It came out looking pretty nice in spite of that, shown on my current stubby index nail.

The gold polish Twenty Four K in the Sally collection was not, as I had discovered, a true chrome finish. The Khromes supplies two true chromes in gold tones: 2030 (next two pictures, below) and Hi Tek (third and fourth photos below).

2030 has an icy yellow tone, while Hi Tek has a more burnished gold tone.

Robotika is more of coppery tone. I felt I was in the zone on this one, with a really nice application. I can do it!! woo hoo.


A nice shiny metal surface can add a bit of interest and "bling" to an outfit, much like a metallic handbag! Which reminds me, what handbags do I have to match these....hmmm....

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