Sunday, February 21, 2010

He's Going in Circles!!


He's Going in Circles is a fresh spring color with plenty of holographic pow! Another beauty from China Glazes's Kaleidoscope collection, this polish is a light green, perhaps somewhat of a seafoam green but with a good amount of blue. However, but I would not call it an aqua. Looking at it next to its very blue sister polish below, one can see the greenness.



Holding it next to the mint green "Re-Fresh Mint" from China Glaze's the Up and Away collection,  one can see how beautifully these two polishes coordinate! I am thinking of He's Going in Circles as a darker mint green. So there.

Okay, let's get it on the nails and start out in some shade then move on into the direct sunlight, below:









Isn't this a lovely, fresh spring color?? The sparkle of the holo is a bit more potent in this polish than in some of the other Kaleidoscopes, as well.


rijaH said...

I love that collection so much :D I think I might have to get most of them at some point :) Great pictures :D

Pinkginger said...

Really pretty! I don't have this one yet. I'm thinking I should though. Gorgeous swatches!

Euridice said...

thanks, rijaH!! I definitely recommend getting these!!

Hi, Pinkginger! Thanks! I am thinking you should get this one, too.

gildedangel said...

Very pretty!!!

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