Tuesday, February 16, 2010

China Glaze "How About a Tumble"


 All right! I am picking up steam here with with the China Glaze Kaleidoscope selections. I think this one might just be the prettiest!! It's "How About A Tumble," lovely lilac with glittery holo goodness just dying to bling out from beneath its smooth surface.

First we have the bottle love, in the sun, above, and perched nicely in the snow of Snowpocalypse the First, below, for a shade shot.


Now, please do click on the pictures to see them more clearly. There is so much prettiness! Following are the sunshine pictures.




I was going through my pictures and was puzzled to see a bit of damage to the polish on a few of them. Oh, yeah! While I was on my porch leaning over the snow drift and trying not to fall over (I didn't fall, yay!), I heard a knock at my front door so went inside to answer it. I figured---correctly---it was someone wanting to dig out my walks and car and whatever else. So by the time I had paid them and suggested that maybe my car should not still be buried in snow in order to qualify as being "dug out," I guess I had dented up my swatch a bit!! Well, no matter, I'll just post those pics to document my time between the blizzards o' February 2010!!




These three polishes I've posted thus far---China Glaze Visit Me in Prism, China Glaze Don't Be A Square, and this current one---were the only ones from this collection I got to during this mega swatching session. I have a few more that hopefully I'll be able to photograph in time to keep the Kaleidoscope series going!!!! They are amazingly pretty, and I can't wait to see how I like the rest.


Mary said...

All of that snow makes a nice backdrop to your photos! I love the OMG's and that one is beautiful on you!

gildedangel said...

That is a beautiful glitter!

rijaH said...

Uh I like this one :D and I agree with Mary, very nice background for the pictures :D

Euridice said...

Hi, Mary! Thanks so much! Yes, I am getting a kick out of having all this snow for a background. :-p

Euridice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Euridice said...

Hi, @gildedangel, I agree, I think this is my favorite even.

Hi, rijaH, glad you like this one!! And that you like my winter wonderland setting! :-D

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