Saturday, January 2, 2010

RBL Haulage: Merry Christmas to ME!!

Yay, there is a Santy Claus! My Rescue Beauty Lounge order arrived Christmas Eve morning. Yay!

Two items were on back order: "Teal" and "Dead Calm." Ironically, Teal is the color about which I was the most excited. "No More War" was the main color I wanted, but I fell hard for Teal when looking through the colors on the RBL site. I mean, a REAL teal!! So stoked for that one.

Arrived and in my possession:

Multicolored glitters!
"Look Rich Be Cheap"

Rich greens!
No More War
Orbis Non Sufficit

And more rich creams!
Underware - stark white?

Orbis Non Sufficit (cross-listed, it's also a rich green, obviously)

Even at 50% off, they carried a price of $9 apiece. Still quite a splurge! I have heard so much about the wonderful quality and great application, I am looking forward to exploring my new RBL collection. I will savor this Rescue Beauty Binge by featuring the colors one at a time!!

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