Friday, January 22, 2010

Glitter Friday! China Glaze Luna

I am so proud of my invention: Glitter Fridays! See, if your workplace is already somewhat casual, then casual Fridays are not as fun, not nearly as liberating. So, what does one do? Something fun with the nails!! Maybe the environment is casual enough but a little conservative, in which case one of the China Glaze OMG holo polishes will introduce some color craziness. If you can, however, go for some sparkle to make the day go better. Glitter makes everything happier!

So, on a Friday a few weeks back, I chose a super festive glitter polish: China Glaze "Luna." I have to say, I think I went a little too far. Luna is a super shiny silver that without the glitter would be blingy enough. Then, encrust this shiny metal foil surface with some sparkly glitter, and there you go! It was just a little too much shininess during the daytime at work. It was not really a casual glitter, but perhaps too glitzy for the casual workplace!

Is that a criticism or rejection of this polish? Goodness, no!! It's gorgey! It's perfect for holiday parties, New Year's Eve, winter adds sparkle and glitz to the evening. Luna is a beautiful polish. The finish on this lacquer is is the same as China Glaze Ginger---opaque, shiny metal with the glitter on the surface like salt baked onto the pretzel .

Ooh, a slightly blurry picture shows the sparkle, above! Forget casual Fridays! Forget Follow Fridays! Forget Freaky Fridays! It's GLITTER FRIDAY. I swear, it will get you through your day and help you get the weekend celebration started.


gildedangel said...

That glitter is gorgeous!

Euridice said...

Isn't it, though!? I do love it.

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