Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dark Chocolate, Yum! Handbag and NOTD

I FINALLY switched handbags. I'd been carrying my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in dark crinkled patent since early October, with the exception of maybe one day. Whenever it occurred to me to use one of the other myriad purses on hand, I realized it was going to rain and better to just stick with the patent leather.

Much as the Nikki is working great for me---it's my favorite hobo and now I'm thinking it might be my all-time favorite handbag style overall---I need to snap out of the rut and embrace my other beloved bags. So, I switched to one of my favorites, my tinted chocolate Chiara from Ignes.

The tinted chocolate leather is an Ignes classic. It is textured on the surface yet totally smooth, in a dark luscious brown. And, best of all, it is smooshy soft! My handbag literally smooshes into a soft, smooth pile of chocolaty goodness.

And all this goodness deserves an excellent matching nail polish. Voila! MAC "Rich Dark Delicious" from the 2009 Fall Nail Trends fit the bill perfectly.

Unfortunately, I had some issues applying "Rich Dark Delicious" although with the second coat it started looking a lot better. I did notice some weird bald places...you know, when you have plenty of polish on the nail surface but the color somehow is missing from a spot. And, by the end of the day, I did have some chipping starting on the tip of the nail and accelerating once it got going.

I didn't have issues with the other colors in this collection, so I was bummed. On the other hand, the combination with my Chiara handbag is so awesome, I will try it out again. I wonder if maybe I had some residue on the nail surface, or some other blooper!


Kaide said...

I had placed an order with Maria for an Ignes bag - Mini Emilia in GIB - glossy ink blue - during the summer when they had the sale in August but canceled it since the leather color was not as bright & shiny as the first batch. Your picture just made me long for what I didn't get! =(

Euridice said...

Hi, Kaide, I know, that first batch of glossy ink blue was outstanding! The second batch was fine but after seeing the first, there was just no comparison. But, Ignes has all kinds of fabulous leather and the suede lining is to die for!! Maybe you'll find something else to order one of these days. ;-)

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