Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Essie Spring 2010: Neo Whimsical

ha ha, the obligatory astro turf shot...don't all nail blogs have those??

I really want to enjoy the moment and not spend the rest of winter obsessing over spring clothes or colors. It's time for the winter darks and the bright winter sparkles. With all the new pale spring polish colors coming out, however, I am finding that a little spring preview in my life is not such a bad thing. Yep, I gave into temptation.

Essie is an obvious brand to keep track of, since I have liked the fall 2009 and winter/holiday 2009 collections so much. My first reaction to pictures of spring 2010 was "gee, do we really need more super pale colors? Surely Essie has released those before?" The colors are a little different, though, with some peachy tones showing up. Overall, I was intrigued and needed to know more.

Well, more pictures of swatches followed, and I became more intrigued, if not convinced. Lucky for me that Essie has a collection of minis, which came in so handy for me for the holiday collection. This mini collection only has 4 items, though....in a square box that seems clearly to have had room to incorporate 6 bottles! What gives, Essie?

So, I grabbed the box o' minis, and then picked up the full size Van d'Go and Neo Whimsical. Let's start out with Neo Whimsical, a pale milky pink that has some lavender incorporated in it. Very pretty!

I was using the Seche ridge-filling basecoat (which I am not sure works all that great for me). The first coat of Neo Whimsical went on very sheer and rather streak-prone. I ended up putting four coats on. I thought that the third coat was starting to be more opaque and less streaky but still felt it needed the fourth coat. I also got some on my cuticles, ugh!

Now, shown in the late afternoon direct sunlight, below, this color seems a bit washed out. I think direct sun is not the best for showing these super pale colors.

Here is a less harsh shot in filtered sunlight.

I hope next time I try Neo Whimsical I'll be able to manipulate it a little better. It is a pretty color to have in my arsenal!


gildedangel said...

That is a nice color! None of the colors from the collection really spoke to me, so I am going to skip it myself.

CucumPear said...

That's a very pretty pink, indeed, though I much prefer brights.
I've been trying Seche's ridge filling base coat, too. Either it doesn't play nicely with Nail Envy or it causes the polish to lift near the cuticles by itself, I'm still trying to suss this out.

rijaH said...

Its a nude pink! :D Really nice. Seche vite top coat doesnt work for me at all. Best fast drying there is out there is Orly Sec'n dry it even takes care of bubbles! :D

Euridice said...

Thanks for your comments, Ladies! Interesting to hear about your experience with the different top coats. Orly Sec'n will go on my list to try. I've had bubbles lately, definitely! Seche vite works okay for me. I am also trying SH Mega Shine, and it is definitely glossy.

Hey have y'all tried the China Glaze top and base coats as well??

I prefer brights or darks too, CucumPear! Paleness just looks funny on my nails to me...and on my lips...hate nude lips. Gimme color!

rijaH said...

Havent tried any of CG's yet. Think my next purchase, when I run out of course might be CG :)

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