Monday, January 25, 2010


It's been a few months since I posted pictures of my kittehs. They are such fun and are also a major comfort to me at times when I need that. Last June I went up to Boston to go to the Boston Early Music Festival and brought my cats with me. Here are some fun pictures I took of them hanging out and enjoying luxury hotel life!

Teddy hanging out on top of my turquoise half-trench (so fashionable!)

Miss Gabrielle, the youngest of the three kittehs and quite the little princess.

Flame, sitting up like a little lady.

Flame and Teddy spent much of the time on the wide window sill, a required hotel room feature for kitties. The gorgeous view out to the water helped, too!

Oh noes, where did my head go?

Whew, a little dizzy after losing my head like that!! Gabby enjoyed this cushion during her stay.

Gabby used the pet cushion the most, but Flame's markings and colors went beautifully with it!

Miss Flame on the bed.

Action shot with Mr. Teddy! He's a blur but look at that fluffy tail!

All three kittehs are British shorthairs. Cats prefer to stay home, but my cats are great sports (and it's cheaper to take them with rather than board them!)


gildedangel said...


Euridice said...


CucumPear said...

*dies of fluffy awesomeness*

Euridice said...

ha ha, thanks! Fluffy awesomeness, such a nice way to describe my cats!!

Brooke said...

awww, they are so cute!! My cats hate hate hate travel. The second they hear me taking the cat carriers down they all scatter and hide :( poor things.

Euridice said...

Well, my cats don't LIKE travel but they HATE being captured, especially if the last trip to the vet was more traumatic than usual. Teddy and Flame have wild streaks, and I have to trap them in a room to capture them. They chill out okay on car trips, but then they adjust pretty well to the new place and enjoy exploring and finding new places to roost!

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