Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's No Place Like Home. You can't go home again. But go anyway.

Alternate title: China Glaze Good Witch? meets Chanel Ming

Last weekend I was working in Boston at a conference. I wasn't feeling so hot the Thursday night before I left. Friday I felt much better but knew that when I got to my hotel in Cambridge that I would need a) a nap, and b) a shower. Yikes! I ran out of time and it looked like I was going to have to go out with naked nails!! Ugly naked nails. Well, things got adjusted, with friends picking me up (instead of my meeting them in Boston and then traveling back to the same area as my hotel to eat dinner. Phew!)

I still had limited time. I planned to wear China Glaze "Good Witch?" but had noted its sheerness when trying it on one nail after I got it recently. Still was seeing some VNL (visible nail line) after three coats. What to do, what to do, I wanted it opaque but time threatened to run out...

Well, I had Chanel Ming with me as well. These polishes do not match by any means, but they are in the same general color family, a pink with a bit of salmon going on. Ming actually has much more of the salmon-y orange tone. I know that Ming goes on just fine. I would use it as an undercoat!!

What followed was a big chemical mix that fortunately didn't explode on my nails---just one bubble gurgling up on my right index finger that I managed to smooth out okay. The strategy did work, as I had two thin coats of Ming, which looked nice enough to stop there if I got the call that my friends would arrive soon. I was able to keep going with three more coats of the China Glaze topped by Seche Vite. The basecoat was the clear Seche.

Now, I know that the fans of the original China Glaze Wizard of Ooh-Ahz collection might be a little disappointed. Well, you can't go home again. It's different, apparently, and I actually like it a lot!! Yes, it's a metallic frosty pink with the glitter, and not the gel with glitter that Dorothy Who? is. I knew I had to get it when I saw the pink sparkles peeking at me. Pink on pink, it's just a lovely combination!

I found myself gazing at my fingertips during the evening when I had the chance. The glitter was subtle and very sparkly, and I just loved checking it out by turning my fingers in the light to try to see as much of the sparkle as possible. It's a winner!!

You can't go home again. It's not the same "Good Witch?" But go anyway. It's still a very fun and pretty polish to wear, and I thank China Glaze for at least trying.


gildedangel said...

That color looks lovely on you!

Euridice said...

Thank you! That's very sweet of you.

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