Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Absolute Fave Color: Bassins Bleu!

Well, I reported that I got my Hands of Hope BB Couture collection from Overall Beauty.

So, today was beautifully sunny if still a bit below freezing. Yay, swatching time! I put BB Couture Bassins Bleu on first and began snapping some pics. My camera battery died, as expected, so I reached for the additional battery. Um, it wasn't there. Oh. Uh. So, I went around searching for my battery charger.

Long story short, I couldn't find it, I was totally upset that I stood to miss the swatching time, and I was quite befuddled. I either need to stop travelling or get more organized! I finally accepted that I was not going to find anything at that moment and that I should just go organize existing pics. Peace. Zen. Clarity...I looked one more time and found the charger!

Well, while the charging started, I removed the Bassins Bleu and started working on something else. So, I have like, three pictures but I assure you I will be swatching this color during the next sunny swatch session. (ha ha, alliteration! Ssssss.)

This polish, as I reported, is thin and runny. It goes on pretty well, but the first coat can have some streaks, and you run the risk of the "bald spot" phenomenon...the polish is smooth but below the surface you have some holes in coverage.

I think, however, that two coats will do the trick as long as you take precautions for the above issues. The important thing to know is that this polish is my favorite of all time. I just decided that. It's the best. The BEST, Jerry, the BEST! (Seinfeld reference, I'm full of those.)

The color is not quite a pastel, but rather a light turquoise blue that has a very healthy dose of green....much like many gorgeous turquoise shades. It is just mesmerizingly beautiful, and holds the promise of spring and summer. Bassins Bleu is a site in Haiti consisting of a series of basins, or pools, that have waterfalls connecting the basins to one another...or something like that. Check it out: Bassin Bleu.

I've seen some posts saying this polish is green. Well, no, it's blue to me with a good dosage of green. It's a turquoise. I'll take some pics outside in the sunshine and see if I still believe that. Hee.


gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color!

Euridice said...

Isn't it, though! I can't wait to get better pics to show how dazzling it is!!

rijaH said...

Very minty green if I can have anything to say :P I recently got a BB Couture and I had some issues with the application :(

I have nominated you for a blogaward! Hope you will accept it :) Check out my latest post :D

Euridice said...

@riJaH It does show up green in my pics. Sigh. I swear it's blue! Well, it's a blue-green or green-blue. Maybe I can't get past the "bleu" of the name.

ooh, cool, I will check out your latest post. Oh, and I did see your BB couture post, very pretty!

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