Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chanel Jade in Geneva, Oct. 2009!

I was saddened to hear last fall that Chanel Jade nail polish would not be available in Europe. Poor European nail polish/Chanel fans! Sure enough, when browsing the Chanel selections at Sephora in Barcelona in October (2009), Jade and Jade Rose were not there.

A few days later I was walking through Geneva after an overnight train and prior to my evening train to Zermatt. Very nice city!

I was enjoying a little window shopping, like so:

Geneva seemed to be one large Swiss watch and designer boutique! Suddenly I came across the Chanel window and this:

Do you see what I see? I immediately noticed the mannequin was wearing a weird shade of green nail polish!! But wait, Chanel Jade was not available in Europe, wth?! But wait again, that green didn't look the way I remembered it, exactly.

But wait yet again, maybe Jade was available in Geneva, in which case I would need to spread the word amongst bereft Europeans with whom I am acquainted....

Without hesitating further, I marched into the Chanel boutique to find out. A very nice and courteous sales woman glided forward to wait on me, and I asked her about the polish. She explained it was a special edition polish. I asked: "Chanel Jade? But I thought that was not available in Europe." She smiled upon realizing that I was in the know about Chanel Jade---no tiresome explanations needed for this weird American tourist lady. She responded that, sadly, it was not available there but it could be had in London. I determined that the green on the mannequin was a different polish. Ha ha! Chanel making with the fake Chanel jade!

And yes, when I was passing through the huge duty free, conveniently in the path to my gate at Heathrow, I did notice Chanel Jade and Chanel Jade Rose. I purchased my Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche and maybe a lipstick or three and was on my way.


rijaH said...

Haha weird! When I first heard of jade it was from the beginning announced that it would be in New York, London and Paris and that was the only cities. So maybe you just heard it way before me :P But I still want to have it :(

Euridice said...

lol! I remember all the excitement in the fall but didn't realize it wasn't to be released in Europe from someone on's much prettier than on that mannequin, though! ;-)

Mariam said...

Hello :) I'll be going on holiday to Geneva soon, and so I spent hours trying to find out if there is a Chanel boutique there or not until I found your blog! I'd really appreciate it if you could give me the street's name it's on or anything. Thank you so much. This post in itself was great help :D

Euridice said...

Geneva is one big designer boutique---if you aren't into Swiss watches or tiny cuckoo clocks, you can definitely get your Chanel or Hermes, etc. Um, if you are coming from the train station, you head to the water (passing the tourist info ctr), cross the bridge, then in the area near the water you'll find a lot of designer shops. Hmm, maybe I should look it up on the map so I can be a little more specific! ha ha!

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