Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recycle! Rescue Beauty Binge Installment #2

Oops, I need to keep up the momentum on my Rescue Beauty Binge! I've shown No More War, which was my number one lemming from RBL. Now it's time for "Recycle," the first polish that I tried when my haul arrived.

Recycle is gorgeous. A major thing I noticed among many of the top nail polish bloggers is a major obsession with the color green. "Recycle" is often cited as the polish which sets the bar for green polishes. So, I had to get it. I do love me some lush, dark green and consider it a neutral, along with dark purple. Dark green is essential.

The color of Recycle is indeed a dark green---not the almost-black of so many forest greens, nor a bright kelly green. It's dark but still retains its essential greenness. I do not regretting this color!

I tried it on at night, and the pictures I took are not all that great, so I am offering up a bunch of almost-passable ones that I think hint at Recycle's glorious-ness. I'll have to wear Recycle for real soon and try to get some sunlight pics.

Above is a shot with one of my great-grandfather's walking sticks.

Below I am clutching one of the catnip toys my vet gives my cats after they have boarded....this is an apple, I think!

Hmm, I just now realized that I might know where this name comes from. It's GREEN, the greenest of the green polishes, so perhaps the color representing eco-friendliness should indeed be called "Recycle."

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