Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro "Velvet Seas"

After seeing some posts from Magic Maid on the Nina Ultra Pro "Velvet" polishes, I decided to grab one from Sally's and give it a try. I decided to take "the blue one" since that might be a color I don't have as much of.

"Velvet Seas" is a very pretty metallic silver blue...the kind of blue that shows greenish-blue in some lights. The "velvet"" aspect would probably refer to the effect of the white shimmer incorporated into its metallic formula. When examining the bottle under the light, one can see tons of tiny micro-fine white sparkles. Applied to the nail, the surface also shows this sparkliness indoors with overhead lights. Outdoors and and in my office during the day, the discrete sparkles do not show as much as an overall shimmery metallic.

I am reminded of the China Glaze Romantiques a bit, although they dry to a chrome finish, and Velvet Seas retains the sparkles. Magic Maid calls this polish a "foil" so I'll go with that.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to apply. After all, my whole theme here is my status as a major nail noob! The first coat was pretty much opaque. I applied a second coat just to even things out but I bet a real expert could get away with one coat! I was able to go back over with the brush while applying, and the surface just smoothed right did what I wanted it to do! Too often, one extra brush stroke just ruins things. With metallics you can often see major ridge action, but I didn't with Velvet Seas.

These pictures were taken indoors during the evening.

Bottle shots:

When I wrote about the Fingerpaints Holiday Collection, I commented that I knew that Sally's had more brands than just China Glaze but had not really looked at them. Just as I now realize that Fingerpaints is really nice, I am now open to trying more of the Nina Ultra Pro. Maybe I'll get the green option in this series. Either way, while I don't see collecting either Fingerpaints or Nina like I do with China Glaze, Essie, OPI, and Zoya, I will definitely be open to getting colors and formulas from these two new-to-me brands that fill gaps in my overall collection!

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