Sunday, January 3, 2010

Peace on Earth, and Rescue Beauty Binge

"Peace on the earth, good will to men." Carrying over this holiday sentiment would be a great goal for the new year. Here's wishing everyone a very happy 2010! I am personally happy to leave 2009 behind. I did not care for the past year too much.

What better Rescue Beauty Lounge beauty with which to start off my RBL binge reveal than "No More War?" A great sentiment, and a great polish! I had supposed that the name of this polish came from its army green-like color. The color is an olive green, and very much the color I had hoped that Dry Martini from MAC was going to be (the latter turning out to be more of a brown).

Here outside in late December, on a partially overcast afternoon, on my pathetically short nails (which have since broken off even more!), I present No More War:

I love this color! It's nicely pigmented and applies nicely, true to the RBL reputation. It should work nicely when I want something neutral but with a bit of color and maybe a bit of an edge.

Reviewing my pics, I also notice the glossiness of my nails. For the first few Rescue Beauty binge swatches I tried out Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, which was recommended by YouTube beauty guru, Tiffany of "MakeupbyTiffanyD." It worked pretty well as a fast drying topcoat, but I still have more testing to do before I decide my verdict.

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