Friday, January 8, 2010

OH EM GEE, it's OMG Skittles!

After getting a comment on this blog recommending the China Glaze OMG collection of holographic polishes, I ordered six of them to try out. I wore the dark turquoise "DV8" around Thanksgiving, and was excited to try on the other five one evening in December. A bit later that evening, I was about to remove everything and select a nail color for the following day,! Those five soft and pretty colors looked really nice together!! Laughing, I promptly painted my other hand in the same colors, matching thumbs, index fingers, pinkies, etc.

I did not bother with topcoat or basecoat; this mani was a one-day only affair---just for fun!

Throughout the day at work, I kept admiring how pretty the colors were together, and how awesome the holo effect was. The OMG polishes go on metallic then a second or two later, they start displaying the coolest colorful holograph effects.

My pictures weren't very good, but I chose the ones that I thought were the best in order to document this fun moment in personal polish history. LOL! Omg. Well, TTYL!

Pinky: LOL
Ring: BFF
Middle: FYI
Index: IDK
Thumb: 2NITE

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