Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Hands of Hope Collection Arrived!!

Yay! My Hands of Hope special collection BB Couture polishes came this Friday! These are my first BB Couture, and I was convinced to get this set when I saw them on Body and Soul. The colors are fresh and spring-like, great for spring and summer! The colors include a light turquoise blue that leans green (Bassins Bleu), a pale baby blue (Kyona Beach), a light purple (Cap Haitien), a milky pale lilac/off white (Paradise), a dark pink/fuchsia (Labadie Beach), and a pale green shimmer (Tortuga Island). They are all cremes except for the pale green.

Here are swatches I painted on over my Lincoln Park After Dark mani, and a less than stellar shot 0f my first nail swatches. I painted those stripes Friday night and took the picture Saturday night (yesterday).

The formula is super thin and runny. You have to be super careful to wipe all excess polish off the wand and brush, and if you make one false move you can have puddling (which happened with my purple nail).

The turquoise has a bald spots and needs a third coat. I had some streakiness with the milky lilac/off white.

For the most part, however, the application was very nice, as long as you took care to deal with the thin formula. I look forward to playing with these further and hopefully doing full-hand swatches!

25% of the proceeds of this set go to the Salvation Army's efforts in Haiti. I might have done better to contribute the whole amount to Haiti, but I know I am going to want pretty polish for spring so why not buy the ones that are making this donation??


gildedangel said...

Very cool!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I bought them, too!

Euridice said...


yay, @yardsticks 4 lunatics!

I played with them some more today with sunlight out, and hope to have some nicer pictures posted soon!!

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