Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NOTD: Chanel Jade is Jading Me

(The two bottle pictures taken Sunday night in indoor overhead lighting)

Is that title grammatical? I'm jaded by the Chanel Jade polishes, in other words. Last week I was excited to receive both the Chanel Jade (light green) and Chanel Jade Rose (light pink nude). I had planned a few weeks ago to buy them and finally determined the time was right and clicked the button, as it were.

A couple of hours later, I wondered: why did I do that? Do I really want these? They are $25 a pop! Why are these colors being presented for fall?? Am I just following the crowd? Well, better to have buyer's remorse for polish than for a house!!

I do think these colors are very pretty, and if I had followed the fall shows at the time they were originally presented, I might have been dying for Chanel to produce these runway shades. I like to wait until mid-to-late summer before I start poring over the fall fashion shows first, and then the magazines. It's more fun that way. You know: live in the moment.

Anyway, one major theme on this blog is that I am a major nail polish novice, aka "nail noob," so the question is whether the $25 price tag would result in the most ultimate, easy-to-apply polish ever???!! I've already experienced how awesome Wet n Wild Craze polishes are at $1.99.

The answer is...

...Meh! I don't find these easy to apply, but I think perhaps with some practice I'll figure out how to make them work for me. The Jade color goes on kinda streaky. Even when I got on two coats with a smooth surface, I noticed the color was streaky beneath the surface. I am not aware it's supposed to be that way, so I would prefer the color to be even across the nail. You know?

Jade Rose was similar, but for some reason it worked better for me than the Jade. Sunday night I decided to take it for a spin. I was able to apply three coats to be mostly opaque. It looks okay---not professional, but not so bad I was shamed into removing this morning when I awoke (I am a novice. It happens!)

The bottle has a subtle iridescence that I was not able to see when outside....maybe if I do it sheerer next time. At the end of the work day Monday, all the polish was still on (pictures taken at that time, in my office with lots of natural light). That is more than I can say for the China Glaze Dreamsicle I wore on Friday (but that is another story for another day! Still recovering.) Midway through Tuesday, still all there!

Interestingly, I find I really like the Jade Rose a lot. It was kind of an afterthought when I ordered it. "What the heck," I thought, "it's pretty! I'll just get it. I've come this far..." Of course, the Jade is pretty, too; I guess for me the Jade Rose is kind of the sleeper of the two, once you are finished marveling at the light green color of Jade you realize how nice the Rose is.

I definitely think Jade Rose will work well, once I feel I can apply it better, for nude nails this fall but also in the spring. The big project is to get the Jade itself to go on and look half-decent. I don't mind spending $25 for something special, but I also want the experience of application to be exalted or something. When I received my Barielles, which are $8 (buy two get one free on Barielle site), I was super-amazed both at the colors that Michelle of All Lacquered Up had created with celebrity manicurist Elle, but also at how wonderfully it went on my nails. Because of this experience, I know it's possible: if I spend the big bucks, I certainly want that same exalted experience as with the lower priced polish!!

Action shot! Because I always wear Chanel to do my cleaning:

Yesterday (Monday) Rachel Zoe tweeted that she was obsessed with Chanel Jade, and the Purseblog posted about jade-colored handbags. I'm excited about having these hot-buzz polishes, and again, I do think they are pretty. Just not perfect.

My Rating: Jade Rose = Euridice 4 out of 5 points (not quite "yay!") Jade = Euridice "meh! to okay!" 2.5 (until I can get the applications issues resolved).

Any tips on application??? Please advise!!!

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