Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nail Noob -- MAC Haul, Y'all!!

Yes! It's MAC Nail Trend FW09 by Jin Soon!! And it's mine!!

TA DA!!!!

Above, lounging on my Belen Echandia orange handbag, as the photo shoot locale of choice, in an indoor room with overhead light on, but no natural light, and no flash. And below, with flash (my camera's "night portrait" setting) to show up the colors.

Left to right: "Rich, Dark, Delicious," "Dry Martini," "Cool Reserve," "Dance All Night," "For Fun," and "Beyond Jealous."

These 6 lacquers embody fall-winter 2009 fashion---in just 6 colors! Of course, MAC nail colors are straight from the runway....hard core!

Let's try them on!! Oh, and word of warning: don't try this at home! That is, don't sit at home drawing conclusions about these polishes based solely on my pictures. Go to your favorite beauty blogger, or better yet, go to several, and view their swatches. Or go to the mall and try them on for yourself!! They are the bomb!

First up, let's look at "Cool Reserve." I'm really feeling grayish tones, and lilac in particular, for fall 2009. This is "dirty, grey, lavender." Perfection!! You can see the grey in the pic above. In the pic below, with the flash, you can see the lavender. LOVE!!! This color is a very subtle, lovely grayish pale lavender.

But let's keep going. I've been hearing for months now about the importance of brick red for fall. I am still curious exactly what the color is, but I now have it in my own nail color wardrobe:

I have stated before that I am not after reds and pinks....these colors seem like the traditional, basic nail colors...I'm just not interested. This color, though, is a must have in a fall nail wardrobe. It's rich, dark, and red. Perfect.

If I had had to choose just one of these colors, I would have gone for the "Dry Martini." I thought this color would be an olive green, and I was really intrigued by pictures I 've seen of it. It is actually more of an "olive brown." Someone described it as the color of 'poo' in a comment I read somewhere. I wouldn't go that far!! I really like it and can't wait to rock it when I need a neutral, lighter brown, olivey toned color!

Next up is probably the most exciting color in the group. "Beyond Jealous" is a perfect description for this's no longer a green kind of jealousy by somewhere past green in a whole different dimension. Well, it's a black-teal color. So, in addition to your forest greens and blackened forest greens, you have a great blackened teal to change it up a bit. This color RAWKS!

I really didn't think I was interested in dark chocolate browns. Then I became acquainted with "Rich, Dark, Delicious." I need this gorgeous chocolate brown in my nail wardrobe, stat!

The last one is a fun purple color---and MAC appropriately named it "For Fun"---that I wasn't really sure I was going to get. I've just gotten a bunch of nail polishes, and purple seems a pretty common color. I'm typing this with purple nails. OPI's "Do You Lilac It?", to be precise. The color of "For Fun" is really gorgeous, though. I weakened in its presence. What the heck!

Below it is showing, in the indoor room lit from above, in a grapey kind of way.

Check them out now, the MAC Nail Trend FW 09 colors were released August 27 and are available at MAC counters (unless they are sold out! They have been selling well!) and online at I am liking the way these are applying and am looking forward to wearing them for real.

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